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Links to business rules folks

Public seminars on business rules are available through AttainingEdge.

Business Rule Community:
Come to the place where business rules people learn and exchange ideas.

Business Rule Solutions, LLC:
According to its principals, Gladys S.WW. Lam and Ronald G. Ross:  "Business Rule Solutions provides a complete set of services and the expertise that enable organizations to apply the business rule approach effectively, quickly, and successfully.  BRS offers consulting, public seminars, in-house training, publications, tools, and Proteus™, the internationally acclaimed and proven business rule methodology.  Our aim is to meet your organization's practical needs in learning about the Business Rule Approach, from introductory level to advanced techniques."

Essential Strategies, Inc.:
According to David Hay, President of Essential Strategies, Inc.: "Our company specializes in enterprise architecture, including data and process modeling as well as collecting and documenting business rules. We primarily support strategic information planning and requirements analysis." On this site, Dave provides a collection of references on a variety of topics, one of which is "business rules."

Everest, based in the Netherlands, specialises in creating effective front-offices and in the orchestration of the efficient settlement of the front-office deals. Applying advanced business rule based technology, Everest aims to raise both throughput and quality in the demand chain in combination with channel consistency, low costs per transaction and business agility, ensuring a short time-to-market.

According to Terry Moriarty, President of Inastrol: "Using innovative information management techniques, such as business rule analysis, dynamic business models, and meta-data management, Inastrol provides guidance in developing application and data management architectures that provide the flexibility required to transition from an account-oriented approach to conducting business, to one that is more customer-centric."  On this site, Terry provides numerous articles, including many classics on the subject of business rules.

Innovations Softwaretechnologie GmbH:
Innovations Softwaretechnologie GmbH provides products and services related to Business Rules Management (BRM).  This comprises the processes and tools for defining and managing business rules for their automated deployment in operational IT systems.  Consulting companies on Business Rules Management and the use of visual rules are among the extended services offered by visual rules Professional Services of Innovations Softwaretechnologie GmbH.  In addition, Innovation offers rule based solutions employed internationally by companies from the areas of finance, insurance, trade, telecommunications, and industry.

KnowGravity Inc:
Based in Zurich, KnowGravity Inc. is the most active promoter of Business Rules in Switzerland. It provides project support, external review, knowledge transfer and "proof of concept" tools, including execution of UML models and OCL. KnowGravity colaborates with Model Systems for methodology and training. KnowGravity is a co-organizer of the annual European Business Rules Conference.

Knowledge Partners, Inc:
According to its principals: KPI delivers "a step-by-step Business Rule Methodology from scoping, rule management, rule specification, and rule automation. The methodology consists of Phases, Tasks, and Techniques for managing the rules of a business from initial capture, to automation, to change."

Model Systems:
Model Systems, based in London, UK, and Seattle, WA, provides consultancy, methodology, and knowledge transfer for both Business Rules and the Zachman Framework. Model Systems has a working partnership with KnowGravity and is a co-organizer of the annual European Business Rules Conference.

RuleArts was created to provide an enterprise level tool to assist organizations in the capture, analysis, and management of business rules for business people.  RulesArts is owned by two of the world's leading companies in the business rule approach -- Business Rule Solutions, LLC and LibRt.

The Rule Markup Initiative:
The participants of the RuleML Initiative constitute an open network of individuals and groups from both industry and academia.  Their main objective is to provide a basis for an integrated rule-markup approach that will be beneficial to all involved and to the rule community at large.  Participants collaborate in establishing translations between existing tag sets and in converging on a shared rule-markup vocabulary.  The RuleML kernel language can serve as a specification for immediate rule interchange, envisioned for gradual extension - possibly together with related initiatives - towards a proposal that could be submitted to the W3C.

Zachman International:
Zachman International is an organization dedicated to research and advancement of the state of the art in Enterprise Architecture principally based on the Framework for Enterprise Architecture (The Zachman Framework).  John A. Zachman is the originator of the Framework for Enterprise Architecture which has received broad acceptance around the world as an integrative framework, or periodic table of descriptive representations for Enterprises.  This Framework has been adopted by the United States Federal Chief Information Officers Council as a part of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework Standard. 

Vendors who offer 'rules tools'*

CA Aion® Business Rules Expert by Computer Associates:  information at
CA Aion BRE (formerly CleverPath™ Aion® Business Rules Expert) utilizes knowledge and expertise encapsulated in business rules that can be shared across the organization, to facilitate consistent policy enforcement and enhanced decision-making at all levels.  This solution reduces development and maintenance efforts through decision tables, dynamic rules, and a sophisticated inference engine.

Common Knowledge by Object Connections:  information at
Common Knowledge from Object Connections is a comprehensive and versatile infrastructure available for the management and automation of business rules and application logic.  Common Knowledge is a combined business rules engine and visual studio environment that allows your business logic to be visually represented in a variety of inter-operable formats (including trees, tables, grids, rete rules, workflows, flowcharts, state-maps, and scripts).

Corticon BRMS by Corticon Technologies:  information at
Corticon BRMS is a flexible, easy, and fast enterprise-class suite of products that help automate and maintain recurring, policy-driven decisions and their underlying business rules.  Corticon Technologies provides software and services that empower its customers to manage their operational decisions as corporate assets, unlocking order-of-magnitude improvements in operational efficiency as they do.

Delta-[R] onRules by Delta-R:  information at
Delta-R is a company specialising in advanced business rule management.  The company's onRules platform is a Business Rule Management System (BRMS) that can be used to manage all sorts of models and business rules in a flexible, dynamic manner.  In addition to the onRules platform, Delta-R provides client-specific consultancy services that focus on the development of predictive models and the creation of business rules.

Drools by  information at
Drools is a business rule management system (BRMS) and an enhanced Rules Engine implementation, ReteOO, based on Charles Forgy's Rete algorithm tailored for the Java language.  More importantly, Drools provides for Declarative Programming and is flexible enough to match the semantics of your problem domain with Domain Specific Languages, graphical editing tools, web based tools and developer productivity tools.

EZ-Xpert by AI Developers, Inc.:  information at
EZ-Xpert 3.0 is an end-user friendly IDE for developing, generating, and maintaining rule based systems.  A complete system may be built using only Wizards and the System Status screen, including verification for 23 criteria like consistency.  Ready-to-compile-and-deploy code is generated into C++ and VB.  Conflict resolution is performed during development, eliminating the inference engine, and allowing over 20,000 rules to be tested per second on a PC.  The web site contains a tutorial, samples, and white papers.

Fair Isaac Decision Management Tools by Fair Isaac (formerly Neuron Data, Blaze Software):  information at
Fair Isaac's Blaze Advisor defines, executes, and manages rules-based processes within business applications.  It automates deployment and data integration for use in any Java environment.  Claimed to have "the most powerful rules language on the market," Blaze Advisor supports business rule processing in industry, government, and marketed software products worldwide.  The site provides product information and news releases on their product line.  White papers are available on request.

Haley (Oracle ! Haley):  information at
Haley Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of software for business rules management systems.  Haley's business rules technology enables organizations to efficiently manage automated business processes so they can react more quickly to changing market and regulatory pressures for cost and manpower savings.  Haley's authoring software, HaleyAuthority, uniquely differentiates Haley from other business rules solutions.  With HaleyAuthority, business analysts and users gain unprecedented desktop accessibility and control to capture and manage business logic using English, rather than code.  The result is greater agility and lower costs because business users can manage change without IT reprogramming.

ILOG BRMS by ILOG:  information at
ILOG Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS) provide control over automated business decisions with tools for business managers, analysts, architects, and developers.  ILOG BRMS solutions run in Java, .NET, mainframe, and SOA-based environments.  ILOG is an IBM Company.

KnowEnterprise by  information at
KnowEnterprise is a Model Driven Enterprise Engineering™ (MDEE) tool that gives business and IT people highly-scaleable functionalities to describe their business in a structured way.  Model Driven Enterprise Engineering links all the information about the organization, with the goals in the center, thereby making feasible the fulfillment of compliance requirements.  The entire MDEE framework is based on publicly-available approaches and specifications of the Object Management Group (OMG™) such as MDA, UML, xUML, and SysML.  KnowEnterprise supports the Business Motivation Model (BMM), as well as other OMG specifications such as SBVR, BPMN, and OSM.

ObjectiveCLIPS by Todd Blanchard:  information at
ObjectiveCLIPS leverages Apple's Cocoa and CoreData application frameworks and seamlessly integrates them with the venerable CLIPS environment and FScript programming language.  The result is a powerful development environment that feels natural to both Cocoa and CLIPS developers.  No other environment combines native Mac OS X application development and business rule implementation as effectively.  ObjectiveCLIPS is a free open source framework provided under a BSD style license.

Open Lexicon by Open  information at
Open Lexicon is a business rules and business process management tool that rapidly develops applications for transaction and process-based applications.  It includes a business rules metadata repository, a business rules engine, and a comprehensive web-based UI for managing and testing the busines rules.  It also includes process management tools for orchestrating complex interactions within business rules and business objects.

OpenRules by OpenRules, Inc.:  information at
OpenRules® is an Open Source Business Rules Management System (BRMS).  It utilizes commonly used tools such as MS Excel, Eclipse IDE, and Google Spreadsheets.  OpenRules provides a suite of open source components for Rules-based Application Development.  OpenRules relies only on Free Open Source tools/libraries created and maintained by different Open Source contributors.

PegaRULES® by Pegasystems, Inc.:  information at
Pegasystems' approach to rules management is based on the belief that, like business data, business rules should be managed as a separate corporate asset.  The PegaRULES enterprise rules engine separates business logic from the enterprise's mission-critical applications and enables the enterprise to capture, manage, and execute its business policies and practices.  PegaRULES applies an inference engine to the execution of dynamic business applications.  In addition to procedural rules, it offers change-aware declarative rules that are used only when underlying data actually changes.  This combination of rule types and processing approaches provides more rapid time to production and increased ROI.

Rules Communicator by ecomnets:  information at
EBRIM Communicator is provides a common framework to execute rules in multiple rule engines.  The EBRIM Communicator supports coexistence of different rules engines within organizations.  EBRIM Communicator builds on legacy business rules (AS/400, CICS, PL/I, etc.) and professional busieness rule engines to accelerate rules integration process without application downtime.

RuleXpress by RuleArts:  information at
RuleXpress™ is a software tool aimed toward the business-level capture, analysis, and management of business rules, including the terms and facts that support them.  RuleXpress provides business-people capabilities for business rules to capture, express, validate, and manage your rules.  RuleXpress can help get the right rules ... and get them right.

Select Solution Factory by Select Business Solutions:  information at
Select Solution Factory is an enterprise-scale modeling and application development tool, which now includes support for the Business Motivation Model.  BMM elements can in turn be linked to BPMN and UML model artefacts allowing the reason for system development or change to be clearly identified in the BMM.  Select Business Solutions also provides training focused on the business, rather than just on software development.

Smart Rules by Kontac:  information at
Smart Rules is a fast and powerful rule definition and evaluation suite for the .NET 2.0 platform.  It allows the separation of business rules from application code, offering the potential for dramatic reductions in maintenance and enhancement costs for software applications.  The suite includes: 
     > Rules Studio, a stand alone tool for creating and customizing rules, and for defining the facts, functions, and alias on which the rules operate;
     > the Rule Repository, the persistence mechanism underlying Rules Studio;
     > the Rule Deployment Wizard, to move rule sets and dictionaries from one server to another; and
     > the Rule Engine for evaluating rules.

Staffware (now Tibco):  information at
Staffware, now a part of Tibco, is a leading Business Process Management (BPM) specialist.  The Staffware Process Suite provides a complete set of tools to create, transform, and streamline the internal and external processes and tasks of an organization.  Staffware has signed a partnership with Corticon, a leading provider of decision management enterprise software.  This partnership combines best of breed business process management and business rules engine technologies.

USoft by USoft B.V.;  information at
The USoft Suite is a BPM suite, with a strong foundation in BRM and RAD, and is designed for speedy development of reliable and open systems.  With more than 20 years of experience USoft delivers automation for data-intensive interactive solutions which have complex business logic and a strong requirement for data and execution integrity.  By making IT business-driven, solutions meet customer demands and needs, are within budget, have a quick time-to-market, and excellent maintainability. 

VALENS by LibRT:  information at
Based in the Netherlands, LibRT does business throughout Europe and North America with a network of partners providing complementary technologies, services, and delivery channels.  Among the company's innovative products and designs is LibRT VALENS, the industry's first independent product targeted at verifying and validating business rules created in third-party business rules management systems.  LibRT is a co-organizer of the annual European Business Rules Conference.

Versata 6™ BRMS by Versata Inc.:  information at
The Versata 6™ BRMS is a comprehensive business rules platform used to develop and continually manage data-intensive applications and components quickly and reliably.  Versata 6 is one of the first Business Rules Management Systems to provide for the implementation of a full spectrum of rules.  It includes support for complex decision rules, process rules, transaction rules, and data rules.

Visual Rules by Innovations Software Technology:  information at
Innovations Software Technology is a leader in Business Rules Management (BRM) and delivers products, services and solutions related to all aspects of BRM.  Innovations became a member of the Bosch Group in 2008.  With the Visual Rules Enterprise Platform, Innovations offers an especially intuitive approach to the development of applications and the modeling of business rules.  Business analysts can use Visual Rules to graphically model and manage business rules, and IT experts can directly integrate the automatically generated business rules code into applications.

* [Information is provided here for reference and implies no endorsement by the Business Rules Group.]