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a non-commercial peer group of IT professionals
                                                        ... since 1989


who are we?

Information Systems analysts have long been able to describe an enterprise in terms of the structure of the data the enterprise uses and the organization of the functions it performs.  Unfortunately, there is often neglect of the rules (constraints and conditions) under which the enterprise operates.

Frequently these rules are not articulated until it is time to convert them into program code.  While rules that are represented by the structure and functions of an enterprise have been documented to a degree, others have not been articulated well, if at all.

The Business Rules Group was organized to carry out that articulation.

Our charter

Originally a project within GUIDE International, the Business Rules Group is now an independent organization.  Our membership comprises experienced practitioners in the field of systems and business analysis methodology.  We are practitioners who work in both the public and the private sectors.

Our charter is to formulate statements and supporting standards about the nature and structure of business rules, the relationship of business rules with the way an enterprise is organized, and the relationship of business rules with systems' architectures.


Some of our members (past and present), attending a BRG meeting in Seattle...
seated, left to right:  John Zachman, Ron Ross, Warren Selkow, Terry Moriarty.
standing, left to right:  John Hall, Cheryl Estep, Allan Kolber, David Hay, John Healy,
Michael Eulenberg, Keri Anderson Healy, Neal Fishman.

not shown: Donald Chapin, Jim Funk, Markus Schacher, Harry Williford.

[the BRG at the Seattle meeting]

Taking a break, after a tough session....

[the group at work]