BRG's Response to the OMG-BRWG "Request for Information"



In the Fall of 2002, the OMG's Business Rules Working Group (BRWG) issued a "Request for Information" (RFI), soliciting information regarding the derivation, expression, and management of all kinds of rules, and especially business rules, in specifications for business information systems.  The purpose of this RFI was to help the BRWG in their:

  1. formulation of requirements for handling all types of rules, and especially business rules, for business information systems in MDA and UML,
  2. identification of potential solutions to these requirements, and
  3. identification of interested stakeholders in all types of rules for business information systems in MDA and UML, including potential responders to a follow-on RFP.

Based on the responses to this RFI, the BRWG plans to recommend a schedule to OMG for issuing additional RFIs and RFPs (i.e., a "technology roadmap").  The BRWG will also be working with OMG task forces to issue the final RFPs that implement the roadmap.

In its RFI document, the OMG explains, "The goals of the roadmap can be accomplished in a variety of ways, for example: a) influence requirements or submissions for other RFPs (e.g., MDA, UML 2.0, other UML profiles), or b) create RFPs for UML Profiles for Business Rules, or RFPs for MDA.  The BRWG will also coordinate its work plans with other related groups outside of OMG, such as the Business Rules Group."

The BRG's Response

The documentation submitted in response to the RFI is available to all OMG members on the OMG web site.  We are also making our response documents available here.

The documents below are provided in PDF format.    [right-click (Windows) / Cltrl-click (Mac) the link to download]

The BRG's OMG-BRWG RFI Response Items
1. The Business Rules Group (BRG) Response to the OMG-BRWG Request for Information (RFI)
2. excerpts from John Zachman's book, "The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture: Primer for Enterprise Engineering and Manufacturing" (available at
3. The Business Rules Manifesto
4. The Business Rules Motivation Model paper (original version -- now updated).
5. a "placeholder" document for the BRG's current work-in-progress on "A Semantic Model for Structuring Business Vocabulary for Business Rules"

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